Program Update

What is hoarding and can it be treated?

Hoarding is a progressive and chronic condition. According to the International OCD Foundation, hoarding is a complex disorder made up of three connected problems: collecting too many items; difficulty getting rid of items; and problems with organization. Hoarding is...

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Four Ways to Volunteer During COVID-19

We’ve been fortunate to have community members who have stepped up and helped out social services agencies like ours since the start of the COVID-19. Now, four months into the pandemic, the need for volunteers continues. “Initially, we received inquiries as to how a...

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Finding the Light in the Time Zone of Now

Most of us have experienced the sensation of time passing more quickly than we realized. “Was that really three years ago? Seems like yesterday.” Or, the exact opposite; a faded memory of something having happened years previously, when in fact it was a more recent...

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Are You Aware of Elder Abuse?

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th as designated by the United Nations General Assembly. The day shines a light globally on the problem of neglect, physical, emotional, and financial abuse of elders. The intent of the day is to educate people on the...

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Finding Your Inspiration and Moving Forward

When you live in New England, spring is anticipated with bated breath. Well, what a spring it has been. Coronavirus came along and at the least, ruined many plans, and at its worst, left dizzying numbers of sick and precious lost souls and a trail of economic...

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