Aging Unbound

Aging Unbound: Linda Vieira

A broken elevator and nine flights of stairs in the summer would be a deterrent to some people. Not to Linda Vieira, who week after week made sure her Meals on Wheels recipients still received their daily lunch, a wellness check, and a smile. “Some of them told me to...

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Aging Unbound: Glenn Stewart

When Glenn Stewart embarked on his post-retirement journey in 2003, he had no intention of becoming just another runner. He aspired to be the very best, not only in his personal running achievements but also in making a positive impact on his community. A...

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Aging Unbound: Rhina Espaillat

It’s safe to say Rhina Espaillat, a self-proclaimed Trekkie, has lived long and prospered in the literary world.  Over nine decades of writing, the Newburyport resident has published 21 books, won numerous awards, and later this fall, Boston College will dedicate...

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Aging Unbound: Grace Gullotti

Have you ever heard the one about the two women who met at the quilting museum?  If not, we’ve got you covered.  This is the story of Grace Gullotti, co-founder of the Billerica Spools Quilting Club and dedicated civil servant. At 88, she continues to give...

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Aging Unbound: Leslie Dube

Leslie Dube got a later start in the world of volunteering, but maybe that’s because she was waiting for her perfect calling.  It just so happens that calling came shortly after she moved into North Village, part of the Chelmsford Housing Authority, about 11...

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