What Will We Choose to Remember About This Time?

In looking back, was it only a few months ago that we would describe life as being ‘normal’? How is it possible that we are experiencing nostalgia for things that happened only a few weeks ago – things that may not have even mattered that much. It seems embarrassingly...

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

It was only a few months ago, although barely remembered now, that we were thinking about our goals or resolutions for the New Year, 2020. I was one of those people carefully choosing a plan for meeting my goals. Then the bus we did not see coming, named COVID 19,...

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Finding My Elixir for Calm during a Pandemic

We have been social distancing in our home for 3 weeks now. Groceries arrive through the online service Instacart and are supplemented periodically when necessary by only one of us….and it is not me. I have not ventured out of my home except to walk my dog. I would...

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How safe is the food?

Q: I receive home delivered meals through your nutrition program. I am really worried about the safety of the food with all the news about this awful virus that has infected so many people in our area. I am elderly and not very steady on my feet, shopping in a grocery...

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