Financial Education

As people age, they may need assistance managing their finances. AgeSpan can help, with solutions that help seniors take control of their financial life.


Financial Resource Program

The Financial Resource Program helps people 60 and older address their finances more effectively, making it easier to continue living independently in their own home. The program offers multiple service options:

  • Money Management services for seniors who have difficulty with simple financial tasks such as bill paying or budgeting. All services are free, confidential, and provided by trained and supervised volunteers with independent review to ensure oversight and protection.
  • Representative Payee Assistance for people who, because of legal or medical concerns, are deemed incapable of managing their money independently. The Social Security Administration appoints AgeSpan to act as a representative payee to pay bills for essential needs such as shelter, food, and healthcare.
  • Financial Literacy services that provide materials in English and Spanish to help adults gain basic money management skills like writing checks, balancing a checkbook, and managing a budget. Free workshops held at a variety of community sites cover topics like financial exploitation, scams, and fraud. There are also programs that teach bank employees about elder financial exploitation and what resources are available if they have concern about a bank customer.

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Financial Resource Program Fact Sheet

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