“Forever Fit” TV Series Begins Tomorrow, Friday, July 16
July 15, 2021

Some days, cooking can seem like a time-consuming hassle and making time for exercise falls victim to our busy schedules.  

But, if we’re told “you are what you eat” and “move it or lose it,” what should we do? This is especially meaningful for older adults who need to eat healthy and keep active. 

Elder Services has partnered with the Merrimack Valley YMCA and North Andover CAM to present Forever Fit,” a community-access TV series for older adults. It will feature: 

  • Accessible exercises that can be done at home, without specialized equipment 
  • Quick and easy healthy recipes 

The first “Forever Fit” episode airs on North Andover CAM Friday, July 16 at 3 p.m. and Saturday, July 17 at 5 p.m. North Andover CAM channels are Comcast Channel 22 and Verizon Channel 24.  

Don’t live in North Andover? Watch it anytime at 

In this episode, Elder Services’ employee Leigh Hartwell, a registered dietician, shows how to prepare Salmon Patties, an excellent source of vitamin D. 

Recipe: Salmon Patties 

Yield: 4-6 
Prep: 15 Min 
Cook: 10 Min 
Total: 25 Min 


  • 75 oz cooked salmon (canned or fresh) 
  • 1 egg 
  • ¼ cup chopped onion 
  • ½ cup seasoned breadcrumbs 
  • 1 tbsp olive oil 


  1. Drain and reserve liquid from salmon 
  1. Mix egg, onion, breadcrumbs, and salmon together 
  1. Make into patties. If mixture is too dry, add reserved liquid from salmon 
  1. In a frying pan, heat olive oil 
  1. Place patties in pan and brown on each side, turning gently 
  1. Drain on paper towels and serve 

Nutritional Factsper 1 Patty 

Calories: 225                          Carbohydrates: 9g 
Protein: 22 g                           Fat: 10g 
Sodium: 525 mg 

Strength-Building Exercises 

Andover/North Andover YMCA Trainer Zoe Frangules walks viewers through strength-building exercises to maintain healthy bones. Here are a few tips to remember when doing the exercises: 

  • For exercises with reps, aim for 10 (each side if that applies) to start. Repeat those 3 times so you end up doing 3 sets of 10 of each exercise. 
  • Don’t hold a stretch for longer than 60 seconds. 
  • Only pull your muscles in a stretch until you feel slight discomfort. Don’t try to over stretch. 
  • For all other exercises, try to do more reps or go longer every time to beat your best! 

Chair sit ups 
– Sit in the chair and engage your core by bringing your upper body forward and backward. 

Chair side crunches 
– Sit in the chair and engage your core by bringing your upper body side to side. 

Chair mountain climbers *Use a sturdy chair, a chair against a wall, or a couch* 
– Face the chair and place your hands on edge of the chair and walk your feet back and forth as though pushing the chair along a surface. 

Chair tricep dips *Use a sturdy chair, a chair against a wall, or a couch* 
– Sit in the chair then scooch yourself off so that only your hands are holding you up. By holding onto the edge of the chair, you can lower your body and bring yourself back up by using arm strength. 

Chair leg extensions 
– Sit in the chair and extend your legs out as if you were kicking something in front of you. Hold that position for an extra challenge. 

Chair back leg extensions 
– Hold onto the back of the chair for balance and kick your leg out backwards, alternating legs. 

Chair back side kicks 
 Hold onto the back of the chair for balance and kick out your leg to the side, alternating legs. 

Stair calf raises 
– Rest the balls of your feet on the edge of a stair and dip your heels down and then back up repeatedly. 

We will keep you posted about future episodes of “Forever Fit.” Make it a habit to join us!  

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