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Statement from CEO Joan Hatem Roy regarding Meals on Wheels Delivery
June 2, 2020

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore’s (ESMV) primary meals provider TRIO Community Meals of Andover was unable to produce and deliver meals today, June 2, due to the positive COVID-19 test of an employee and a subsequent inspection by the Andover Board of Health. Although there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread by food, and the employee used appropriate personal protective equipment, ESMV is acting out of an abundance of caution and no deliveries were made from that kitchen today. ESMV called all consumers who were scheduled for a meals delivery and informed them that their meals would not be delivered today and that they should use their frozen meal(s) that were already delivered in anticipation of a possible service interruption due to the COVID-19.

ESMV is working with TRIO to find an alternate method to prepare and deliver meals. Meal delivery will start as early as tomorrow (June 3) in some communities and no later than Friday (June 5) in other communities. All Meals on Wheels consumers previously received eleven days of frozen meals in the event of such an interruption. In the new deliveries, they will receive seven (7) meals to meet their ongoing needs and will continue to receive the meals they need. In addition, ESMV staff are connecting with all consumers to determine if they have additional food needs before their next delivery arrives.

Providing safe and nutritious meals to our consumers is one of our top priorities and ESMV will ensure that each one of our consumers will receive meals. For questions, please contact Derek Anderson at (978) 651-3017.

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